It’s a ‘Dream Baker’s Dozen’ this year, as 13 toys are chosen by the Toy Retailers Association (TRA) to make the toy industry’s official list of the top toys for Christmas.

They say that they have given a  nod towards the past while keeping “two feet  planted firmly in the future”.

The list is made up from a mixture of old favourites that have been brought bang up to date,  some up to the minute technology and a new batch of what they call “must-have character toys”.

Some of the enduring favourites on the TRA’s list have been around for more than fifty years. Take, for example Cabbage Patch Kids, Spiderman, Twister and Lego. Many of us adults have played with these toys and it is great to see that they still loved just as much by children today. Yes, they are evolutions of the originals, but they are still basically the toys that we remember.

In contrast to these, we have on this list high-tech tablets for kids and exciting new character toys inspired by TV and film. Wow, children can look forward to a varied, imaginative and engaging Christmas this year!

Christmas 2012’s Dream Toys, in alphabetical order are:

Gary Grant, Chairman of the TRA’s Dream Toys selection panel says: “There are some toys that hold an enduring place in the hearts of children for generations and this year we’ve seen the toy industry come up trumps by reinvigorating these classic favourites for 2012.

“We also continue to see technology being woven into toys to add extra dimensions to the play experience – whether this is the use of apps, interactivity, touch screens or integrated multi-functions such as e-readers and cameras.

“We have selected a Dream Baker’s Dozen this year purely because of the strength of all the fantastic toys we had to choose from. A particular highlight is the re-emergence of Cabbage Patch Kids as well as the resurgence of Barbie and continuing popularity of Bratzillas, Disney and of course, the hugely-popular Monster High.

“This year we’ve also seen the come-back of  Furby, which reacts and adapts intelligently to the attention it’s given and has an app download for even more fun.

“Another new ‘interactive’ toy of note is Tatty Teddy Story Time, which interacts with the bedtime story. Without a doubt, a huge success story this year is the continuing popularity of Moshi Monsters – a phenomenon that has helped to define online and offline play.

“New to the market last year, we’re now seeing exciting new developments in tablets for kids from InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2.”

The TRA reveals its predictions for the official Top Toys for Christmas at the Dream Toys 2012 media preview in St Mary’s Church, Wyndham Place, Marylebone London on 31st October 2012.

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