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Toy 30 nov


I’ve just got myself a new Kindle and I’m loving using it.

I don’t know why it has taken me so long but I can say, with my hand on heart, that I am converted!

I keep meeting people who say that they hate the idea and love to hold a physical book.

Well I agree, to a point. There are some books that I want to keep and others I want to pass around and these I will still buy in paper physical book form. But other books I just want to read in a handy form in bed, while commuting to work, or in my lunch hour and the Kindle is just right to do this for me!




It’s a ‘Dream Baker’s Dozen’ this year, as 13 toys are chosen by the Toy Retailers Association (TRA) to make the toy industry’s official list of the top toys for Christmas.

They say that they have given a  nod towards the past while keeping “two feet  planted firmly in the future”.

The list is made up from a mixture of old favourites that have been brought bang up to date,  some up to the minute technology and a new batch of what they call “must-have character toys”.

Some of the enduring favourites on the TRA’s list have been around for more than fifty years. Take, for example Cabbage Patch Kids, Spiderman, Twister and Lego. Many of us adults have played with these toys and it is great to see that they still loved just as much by children today. Yes, they are evolutions of the originals, but they are still basically the toys that we remember.

In contrast to these, we have on this list high-tech tablets for kids and exciting new character toys inspired by TV and film. Wow, children can look forward to a varied, imaginative and engaging Christmas this year!

Christmas 2012’s Dream Toys, in alphabetical order are:

Gary Grant, Chairman of the TRA’s Dream Toys selection panel says: “There are some toys that hold an enduring place in the hearts of children for generations and this year we’ve seen the toy industry come up trumps by reinvigorating these classic favourites for 2012.

“We also continue to see technology being woven into toys to add extra dimensions to the play experience – whether this is the use of apps, interactivity, touch screens or integrated multi-functions such as e-readers and cameras.

“We have selected a Dream Baker’s Dozen this year purely because of the strength of all the fantastic toys we had to choose from. A particular highlight is the re-emergence of Cabbage Patch Kids as well as the resurgence of Barbie and continuing popularity of Bratzillas, Disney and of course, the hugely-popular Monster High.

“This year we’ve also seen the come-back of  Furby, which reacts and adapts intelligently to the attention it’s given and has an app download for even more fun.

“Another new ‘interactive’ toy of note is Tatty Teddy Story Time, which interacts with the bedtime story. Without a doubt, a huge success story this year is the continuing popularity of Moshi Monsters – a phenomenon that has helped to define online and offline play.

“New to the market last year, we’re now seeing exciting new developments in tablets for kids from InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2.”

The TRA reveals its predictions for the official Top Toys for Christmas at the Dream Toys 2012 media preview in St Mary’s Church, Wyndham Place, Marylebone London on 31st October 2012.

You may like to see Amazon’s top toys as well, just click here:

Top Toys 2012


Many of us have a desire to know more about the generations that preceded us and about our roots. We may have become fascinated about where our family originated from; what it was that they did for a living and in what conditions they lived. If your forebears came from England & Wales, then you will want to know what records you can access and where to look for them.

Nick Thorne, The Nosey Genealogist, leads you through some of the research work that you will probably need to undertake to pursue these goals in his short book How To Search For Your English and Welsh Family History. Assuming that you have a yearning to find out more about your British roots, this is a concise introduction to English & Welsh family history.

The author looks at online and offline records, including the census collections and the civil registration data. Different types of Parish Records are dealt with in one chapter including the Dade and Barrington registers. If your ancestor is missing from the church records, then he explains where to find the Bishop’s transcripts and what these copies are.

Baptismal, marriage and burial records are not the only records that were locked away in the Parish Chest and so he looks at some of the other documents that may have survived.

Researching records of a marriage and what a Clandestine marriage was are included in this short book as is an explanation why your ancestor may have had a double baptism. Nonconformist, those of a Christian denomination other than the Church of England, and parish graves are investigated as is researching records of a marriage, illegitimacy and stumbling blocks in the parish records.


Top 12 Dream Toys 2011 Video page

Today the Toy Retailers Association has revealed the 12 toys that it believes will be the best sellers for Christmas 2011. Here I’ve gathered them together for you and rounded up as many videos of the toys as I could find.

So here is the top 12 that they are tipping that your child is going to want. They are listed in alphabetical order:

Doggie Doo, John Adams, RRP £22.99

Doggie Doo Game

Now this probably sounds unpleasant  to you, but kids are just going to love it.
Players throw the dice to determine how often they squeeze a plastic dachshund’s lead. Each squeeze pushes some plasticine poop nearer to fruition, as it were. And when the deed is done the player holding the lead cleans up the poop with a little spade. First to get to 3 wins.
Feed the dog a doggie treat and pump the lead as instructed. If he poops on your turn you scoop the poop. The first to 3 wins. For 2 – 4 players.


Fijit Friends, Mattel, RRP £54.99

Willa, is a smart, fun and funny Fijit Friend. It is an interactive toy that will become your child’s new best friend. With supple skin that enables amazing movement, this trend-setting purple Fijit Friend has several interactive features, including voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode and over 150 built-in responses. Recommended for ages six and up, Willa will be a fast and lasting friend that chats, dances, jokes and performs.


Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set, Character, RRP £29.99

Help Fireman Sam save the day with the Fireman Sam Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set. There are all sorts of emergencies going on in Pontypandy, but it’s no problem for you and the Fireman Sam figure to sort out. Help put out the cooker fire with the hose, save naughty Norman when he traps his head in the railings, and help Sam get the cat down from the tree. Make sure you avoid the collapsing roof and floor! The Pontypandy Multi Rescue Set comes with: Sam and Norman figures Cat figure Tree Railings Hose reel Ladder Fire bucket Cones



Kidizoom Twist, VTech, RRP £49.99

Get your children snapping with this fantastic 2 megapixel camera that uses a twisting lens: they can take pictures and movies of their friends or even take fantastic self portraits. The camera features a 4x digital zoom, built-in flash, colour screen, 5 great games and dual view finders. Once taken they can edit and enhance their photos with a selection of frames, stamps and wacky effects. There’s also a great voice recording function that has 5 different voice changing effects: pitch up, pitch down, slow, robot and echo. Product Features: 2 mega pixel camera with twisting lens, 4x digital zoom, 256 MB of storage, SD card slot for memory expansion and built-in flash. Also features video taking, voice recording and 5 built-in games, Stores over 500 photos, Add wacky effects to pictures and videos, Connect to the TV or edit and view photos linked to a PC, Dual viewfinder and durable child friendly design with a grown up look. Recommended For Ages 3+ years



LeapPad Explorer, Leapfrog Toys, RRP £79.99

LeapPad is a learning tablet just for children. With a built-in camera, video recorder, and a huge library of games and activities, the durable LeapPad features innovative apps that inspire creativity and turn reading into fun and games. It’s a new way to learn, a new way to play – a new way to unlock your child’s potential.

Lets Rock Elmo, Hasbro, RRP £69.99

It’s music time! Rock out with LET’S ROCK Elmo! Dressed in a concert-style tee, Elmo takes the stage singing and making music – and preschoolers can too! Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments, a tambourine and a drum set. Preschoolers can choose which instrument Elmo plays, and he “magically” recognizes which one you give him. Kids can also play along on ElmoÕs instruments – they’re perfectly sized for little hands! For even more rockin’ fun, Elmo also interacts with other LET’S ROCK instruments (each sold separately); he knows when you’re playing the LET’S ROCK Guitar, Keyboard or Microphone and plays along with you! The LET’S ROCK Elmo toy sings six rockin’ songs, so grab an instrument and join Elmo’s band! Figure comes with microphone, tambourine, drums and instructions. Includes 6 “AA” batteries. Recommended For Ages 18 months and Over .


Milky the Bunny, Flair, £59.99

With the Emotion Pets Milky the bunny, your little ones can have fun cuddling this cute and adorable white bunny. Milky the bunny has large, floppy white and pink ears and attractive brown eyes. Milky is a playful snow white bunny, who can move his eyes, nose, ears and feet, and he makes real bunny sounds. Tickle his feet to make him laugh or watch him chew his carrot, complete with crunching sounds. When Milky gets scared, his ears tremble so make sure heÍs always safe and sound. After a hard day’s play, Milky the Bunny falls asleep. Your little girl can to his adorable little snores. Requires 4x AA batteries. Recommended For 2 years+.

Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station, Mattel, £39.99

Lagoona Blue– daughter of the Sea Monster–is one of the coolest Ghouls in school with her long blonde and blue hair and pale blue skin. She also has several fins, webbed hands and gills behind her ear. Lagoona is a tomboy and is obsessed with surfing. Lagoona Blue uses her Hydration Station to re-moisturise at night and it doubles as a room décor for girls. Press the shell-shaped button on the front to activate 3 different modes of lights and bubbles. Includes Hydration Station, Lagoona Blue doll with eye mask, her pet Neptuna with eye mask, water bottle and “monsteriser” bottle. For ages 6 years and over.



Moshling Tree House, Vivid, RRP £18.99

Moshling Treehouse opens up to reveal a place to play with and also store your moshlings. Working basket lift for your moshlings to play on. Includes exclusive Roxy Moshling. One supplied. For Ages 4 years and over.



Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, Hasbro, RRP £44.99

The Vortex Nitron disc blaster is the ultimate in Vortex innovation and technology! The Nitron blaster’s cutting-edge acceleration trigger propels a full-auto storm of discs toward targets at extreme range for an all-out assault. Its Centerfire Tech electronic scope features pulsing targeting lights to help you center your aim. The included 20-disc magazine and onboard magazine storage keep reloading time as short as possible (additional magazines and discs sold separately). In addition to being fully automatic, the Nitron is also fully customizable with the Tactical Rail System that is compatible with most Vortex and N-Strike Mission Kit accessories for a fully awesome battlefield experience! Offering long-range, high-powered disc-blasting technology, NERF Vortex blasters hurl ultra-distance discs for the ultimate battle experience! Nitron blaster comes with electronic scope, 20-disc removable magazine, 20 discs and instructions. Requires 6 “C” and 2 “AAA” batteries (not included). Ages 8 and up. /!\ CAUTION: Do not at aim at eyes or face. TO AVOID INJURY: Use only discs designed for this product. Do not modify discs or disc blaster.



Ninjago Fire Temple, Lego, RRP £91.99

Battle for control of the four Spinjitzu weapons has begun. Sensei Wu, Kai, Zane and Nya need help to keep Lord Garmadon and his evil skeleton army from taking the ultimate Spinjitzu weapon _ the Dragon Sword of Fire. As the temple splits into two, the fearsome Fire Dragon emerges to protect the sword by spitting fire at Lord Garmadon. Set also includes Samukai and Kruncha figures, all four golden weapons and 14 other weapons.


Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber, Hasbro, RRP £39.99

The all-new Star Wars – The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker ultimate FX lightsaber provides one of the most authentic Jedi experiences ever for kids! The toy features a progressive light-up blade with vibrant LED lighting and authentic sounds, allowing kids to experience the Force in a whole new way.


Top Toys For Christmas 2011.


Here are the Best Toys for Christmas from TV’s Daybreak visit to the London Toy Fair 2011

The Iball3,  the SHIMMY – Teacup Piggies, and thirdly the Razor Graffiti Chalk Kick Scooter.


Christmas Presents For Mums.

Your mum has had to deal with a lot, all those dirty nappies, grazed knees and stroppy teenage tantrums. So wouldn’t it be great to say thank you Mum this Christmas, with some gift ideas in Clothing, Health & Beauty, Jewellery, Home & Garden and more?

Clothing for Women

Perfume for Women

Women’s Jewellery

Health & Beauty

Home & Garden

Choosing the perfect Christmas Gifts for mothers can be a nightmare. No two mothers are going to have the same taste in gifts, but most mums appreciate that you have gone to the effort of trying to chose something that they will like for a Christmas present.

Many mums will love to be given a cool gift or a great gizmos such as the ones from Gifts for the Girls collection of top gifts for Christmas 2011.

Gifts for the Girls is a website that offers a fabulous selection of original, stylish and fun gadgets and accessories for women of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a present for your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, niece or grandmother, they have something for everyone. Find a gift for her at Gifts for the Girls.

Gifts For The Girls.

We, at TopChristmasGift  have also pulled together some great lines for Mother’s at Christmas from Amazon. Just take a look here for an amazing selection…

Gifts For Mums.


 Top Gifts For Men.

Choosing perfect Christmas Gifts for men can be a pretty tricky thing to do because you will most probably find that different men have different tastes as to what they want for their Christmas present. Many guys will love to be given a cool gift or a great gadget such as the ones from Presents for Men


Some guys are going to really appreciate an electronic gadget, some are more bookish and would love a book, others want a practical tool and others prefer something like a special day out. Choosing the best Christmas gifts for men can be a pain as the list of present ideas can stretch for miles.




Perhaps a good idea to remember is that a lot of grown up men are really little boys at heart, especially when it comes to Christmas presents. That being the case you should check to see what past times he is into; for example if he is a sports fanatic perhaps getting him a ticket for an event, or a book on a hero from the sport that he follows. Like wise a DVD that features the sport.  


If he is into electronics then maybe check out the latest computer games, electronic gizmo, or some computer accessories.    


The great thing for any hard pressed person looking for a Christmas present idea for a man today is that you have a host of online shops to chose from. The availability of websites such as the ones featured in this blog, makes it easy to go shopping for Christmas presents for men or for women in you life from home.  


It can save your time while you get to shop in a secure environment, without travelling miles to the town and getting in a bun fight with all the stressed out shoppers. Online you can view thousands of the most up to date products, and the best thing is that they can be delivered direct to your door!    


For the best Christmas Present for the Man in your life go to:

Amazon.co.uk Gifts




Presents for Men



Toys for Tots for Christmas 2011.

So what toy do you buy a toddler for Christmas? Need help finding the top toys for tots?

Perhaps you are a doting parent, uncle or just someone that needs to buy a gift for a young child and wondering what are the hot toys for Christmas this year?

It can be such a dilemma when it comes to finding just the right toys for children and more especially at Christmas time when we are all under so much pressure. Sure,we can take a look at the top 10 toys to see what is ranking as the top selling toys for 2011.

True, there are simply loads of children’s toys in the shops at this time. The shelves seem to be groaning under the weight of them but how do you go about choosing gifts that are safe for the child, age-appropriate, that the recipient is going to have fun with or are educational?

The first thing to remember is that different kids are going to have different interests and the toy manufacturers are aware of this and produce different toys to match the various age groups. The problem for us is that we are presented with a whole host of options and all sorts of factors to consider. This can make searching for the right toy a real problem instead of it being fun and exciting to do.


OK, so where do you go from here with toys for this age range?

Toys should be fun to play with, so bear this in mind when making your choice. Take a bit of time to really think about what type of toy it is that you want to give to the young person that you have in mind and here are Santa’s little helpers top three tips!


Tip #1: Always consider the Safety angle first.


Toys, first and foremost, have to be safe for the kids to play with. Only consider those toys that you find which are appropriate for the age group of the child.


Be aware of the health hazards that inappropriate toys may have for kids of what ever the age of the recipient is. By this we mean you should look out for any toy that have small and detachable parts or pointy bits. These can be seriously dangerous to very small children who may go and swallow the parts of the toy and go and choke on them. Pointed toys and small kids don’t mix as children have a habit of tearing around the place and pointed objects can cause serious accidents to them. A good rule to follow is that while bigger children are fine with toys made of very durable and tough materials, when it comes to tiny tots you should go for the more flexible or softer toys for this group.


Avoid any toys that may contain or have surfaces that have harmful chemicals on them. It is natural for kids to put things in their mouths and so it is a given that their toys must always be free of noxious substances. So watch out for toys that are painted in any way, check that the paint used is non-toxic.


Tip #2: What, if anything, can this toy teach the child that is going to receive it?


Look out for those toys which can show children various values such as self-reliance, working in teams and sharing with each other. Playing is an important developmental activity for kids and can be useful for developing family bonds as well. This can be better achieved if you give the child a toy that develops their knowledge, attitudes, and practices.


Try to look for toys that are going to be both entertaining and developmental at the same time. This sort of toy should help the child with their motor, mental and social skills if possible. Educational toys will aid the development of a kids’ mind as they play with them and, hopefully, make them use their minds both critically and logically. Arts and craft type toys should help youngsters to become creative and express themselves while playing with the toy. For toys that are good with developing motor skills you should look out for Toys that involve movement.


Tip #3: Look out for toys that offer value for money.


If you can find a toy that is well made then this investment in quality may pay back in many years of life for the toy. It may even get passed on to the younger children in the family as the original recipient grows out of it. You can’t go wrong by seeking quality rather than going for quantity.


Another thing to consider is will the toy hold the child’s interest? You want to chose something that will be played with often.


Remember that high price does not necessarily equate to quality. But also beware of cheap toys made of low quality materials that will come apart or break very quickly and have to be discarded when ever you are considering the best toys for toddler boys or girls this year.


Hope these tips have helped you to choose the right gift from what ever list you have been given, or that you may have seen online, or elsewhere, for the top toys for Christmas 2011.

Here are some that will no doubt become some of the best selling Christmas toys in 2011.

Check out this page here to see the latest Top Toys for Tots






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